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Who and Why

This part is the least interesting part. Go read something else. Really.

If you’re still here, be fairly warned, says I.

I’m insatiably curious about many things. I thought I was an alien because no-one else shared my obsessive interests or curiosity. I’ve accumulated too many degrees and have had too many careers. Currently, I’m a consultant scientist who does sciency things for sciency organizations.

My reason for writing this book review blog is to improve my communication skills, which charitably could be described as “rusty”. Verbal communication consists of 1-3 words and telepathically beaming the rest of the message into someone’s head. Strangely, telepathy doesn’t seem to work.  This blog is to force myself into constructing sequential linear logical sentences.

Mostly I’ll review non-fiction books in both science and religion especially ones that overlap those two fields. Religious writers who write about science, and science writers who write about religion often go wrong. I hope to use their errors as teachable moments. I may also review books featuring neurodiversity.

If I have any personal “religious” philosophy it is, be excellent to one another (Bill and Ted, of course). I make exceptions for bullies and liars. I am not excellent to them.

If you have any suggestions for books to review please let me know. I’m always open to reading more good non-fiction books.

My other book reviews can be found at Breakeven Books where I’m a guest reviewer.

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